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The Founder of The Florescu Foundation is Nick Florescu. Nick Florescu is President of Centrade USA, Inc., Centrade’s holding company headquartered in Houston, Texas. A father to five children, Nick Florescu understands that children deserve a sense of security, support and companionship. Having witnessed the Romanian Revolution in 1989, Nick saw that the institutions for abandoned children had been left dilapidated and poorly equipped. His loyalty to his Romanian roots and his own paternal experience issued a call to arms: an invitation to actively improve the lives of these children.
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People who care

Father Gabriel, Executive Director of Santa Macrina, offers insight on working with The Florescu Foundation, “Thanks to the cooperation of Mr. Nick Florescu and the Florescu Family, working with Florescu Foundation since its very beginning was just natural; we have the same ideals and our cooperation enriches us.” Father Gabriel began working with Santa Macrina in December of 2000.  Father Gabriel and The Florescu Foundation hope to raise money in order to fund the construction of a new building, which will provide additional housing, classrooms, and leisure areas for the children.
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Success Stories

Ana Maria -- A former Santa Macrina and Florescu Foundation Benefactor says, “I am very grateful for all that Santa Macrina and The Florescu Foundation provided for me, if it wasn't for them, I would probably be struggling and living in rural Romania. When I left Santa Macrina, I promised to myself that one day, I would return the help.     I'm not yet a successful doctor with great financial means- to be able to help materially but, I'm on my way there. For now, I am happy to share my story in the hopes that other children will be empowered to create their own success stories as well."
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